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Our "Spot Only" Cleaning Service

Spot Doctor can come in and just remove a few stains or spots off your carpet and floors, that way you wont have to have your whole carpets cleaned if its just a spot or a small area.

Saving you time and money!

There are many questions that come to mind when the subject of cleaning carpet and removing stains comes up, but the most sensible solution is really relatively simple. Spot Doctor should be contacted if a homeowner is truly serious about cleaning carpet stains. There are many remedies out there that offer an at home service for spot removal. Simply spray a solution, let it sit, and after ten minutes the stains will magically come off. Almost every homeowner has tried it, and the same reaction of disappointment comes back when they see that the stain is still there.

When it comes to truly getting stains out, Spot Doctor carpet cleaning services located in Bishopville, MD is the best choice to go with.



Hiring Spot Doctor has many benefits compared to using self-made remedies when it comes to cleaning carpet stains. Spot Doctor has the proper equipment that needs to be used for heavy dirt lifting. Many floors have years’ worth of ground in dirt that takes a very powerful machine to actually get deep down into the layers of flooring and lift out. An at home steam cleaner or remedy just isn’t powerful enough to reach through all of the carpet fibers and get to the dirt. This type of equipment can be costly for just one homeowner to purchase.


An added benefit of using Spot Doctor is the pricing and the quality of the work being done. Spot Doctor provides service of cleaning carpet stains and also offer the services of doing other types of flooring such as hard wood, tile, vinyl or linoleum.

Many of our clients rave that they didn’t even know their floors could be this dirt free or they forgot that their carpet was the color it was after it was professionally cleaned by Spot Doctor!

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Spot Doctor Logo-Carpet Cleaning in Ocean City MD

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